Sep. 21, 2018

The Recruit Movie Download Hd

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A brilliant young CIA trainee is asked by his mentor to help find a mole in the Agency.

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original title: The Recruit

genge: Action,Drama,Mystery,Romance,Thriller

imdb: 6

duration: 1h 55min

tags: Trust. Betrayal. Deception. In the C.I.A. nothing is what it seems.

budget: $46,000,000

keywords: watchingtv, cia, recruit, mole, training, mentor, secret, mission, suspense, catandmouse, trust, spy, tiedhands, imprisonment, applause, stage, musicband, dancing, gambling, gunshot, technology, monit




































A brilliant young CIA trainee is asked by his mentor to help find a mole in the Agency. James Clayton is one of the top prospects in the new crop of CIA recruits. His intelligence and unconventional attitude attract the attention of veteran Walter Burke who squires him through the Agency's difficult training courses and helps him to quickly rise through the ranks. Clayton is then given a special assignment, to root out a suspected mole that has infiltrated the Agency. I definitely walked away satisfied with this movie. When I got home, however, my friend reminded me that I had predicted the ending during a preview we viewed a month in advance.

Nonetheless, the film is, for the most part, well put together with some very cool CIA training sequences and good performances by Pacino and Farrell. The way the film plays out is similar to Training Day and Narc, but this film pulls it off still.

AS it gets harder and harder to come up with fresh, new ideas for films these days, I feel this one did a good job at recycling an idea in a refreshing way and constantly keeping the viewer interested. I would give this film 7 out of 10 stars. I enjoyed the pace of this film despite the fact that I could see where it was heading a mile away. However, I was willing to go along for the ride to see exactly how they resolved it. But the "oops - I stuck my foot in my mouth" resolution was pathetic. There's nothing excessively problematical with The Recruit that excising the final fifteen minutes wouldn't cure.


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